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Project Description

The most touching, romantic, and important event in any person’s life will always be the day of their wedding. With that in mind, we pay the utmost attention to every minute detail while planning this extraordinary day. The bride is, and always will be the most pampered and tended to part of this event (our apologies to the groom). To get ready for a wedding can be a very time consuming and stressful moment in a couple’s life. It has always been evident that the bride takes the prominent position when envisioning and making the decisions for this special event. As your Event Planner, making this occasion the most memorable part of your life is our only mission. With constant involvement of the newlyweds and their families, we are determined to provide you with the type of service that will be evident throughout your pictures, videos, and memories. To accomplish these miraculous moments, you have us, the NRG team!

Project Details